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Nomad Hunts / FAQ

Nomad Hunts FAQ’s

The Nomad Hunts FAQ’s section is constantly evolving, please check back for updates before your hunt. On a regular basis we are asked the same questions by hunters. So this section will cover some of the most frequently asked questions.

What license do I as an out of state hunter?

Texas parks and wildlife website has all the information . Your license can be purchased online, or it can be purchased at one of our local retailers. If you buy it online a hard copy will be sent to you in the mail. The state recently passed a bill allowing you to use a picture of the license to show proof instead of a hard copy.

However you will need your hard copy when you harvest you game species. Upon successful harvest the correct tag will be filled out and placed on the animal. The harvest log on the back of the license has to be filled out as well.

Will I need my hunters safety course?

The answer is yes. You will be able to purchase a license with out it but the state requires you carry while hunting and a warden will ticket you if you can not produce it when asked.

What happens when a hunter harvests their animal?

Our guides will gut skin and quarter your animal. It is the hunters choice to either put it on ice in coolers or take it to a local meat processor. Many states have laws that require specific handling practices before an animal can come across state lines.

Do Your Homework

Please do your homework as it is not our responsibility to make sure it’s done to your state requirements. We would hate to see you loose the trophy of a lifetime.

Can meat be shipped?

We work with one processor who can and will ship meat inside the U.S. however it is not cheap.

Can I donate the meat from my hunt?

Yes we work with a local non profit that uses the donated meat in the local community where it is needed most.

Do you have and or recommend a local taxidermist?

Nomad Hunts use and recommend TNT taxidermy for all of our needs. His work is amazing it’s not the cheapest however his work is amazing when finished. If you choose to use TNT, a deposit is required at drop off and balance upon completion. We will have a price list in our lodge so you can look at his work and prices.

If I wound an animal am I responsible for it?

Yes if you shoot an animal and do not recover it the hunter is responsible for the full cost of that animal. Our guides will determine if the animal was hit and that will be the final decision.

Hunt Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following information before you join us on your whitetail or exotic hunt. This along with our Nomad Hunts FAQ’s section will and or can change throughout the year. We ask you be up to date with all our policies before arriving to Texas.

  • All animals are at the guides discretion.
  • All are subject to a $175.00 per day for a hunters guide fee. Hunter acknowledges that on the hoof estimates are just that, estimates. All deposits are non-refundable and forfeit upon cancellation of a hunt. Rescheduled hunts will have their deposit rolled over to new date.
  • Hunter is responsible for purchasing and carrying all applicable licenses and certificates. Texas law always requires hunters to have a valid TX hunting license and hunter’s education or equivalent with them at all times in the field.
  • Wounded animals will be charged at full price regardless of recovery.
  • Liability waivers will be signed prior to any hunting or shooting activities.
  • 3.5% Transaction fee will be applied to all credit card transactions. Gratuities are not factored into pricing, but are very much appreciated. (Guides – Cooks – Hospitality – Animal Care Personal)
Do we sign liability waivers?

Liability waivers have to be signed before we hunt. This ensures that our ranches our guides and you as the hunter are aware that there are risks that come with hunting. If you don’t sign the liability waiver the hunt is over before it begins.

How do we pay for a hunt?

Upon booking a deposit will be required to hold your dates. This deposit is non-refundable and covers our cost in the event you dont show up. We understand that life happens and would be more than willing to adjust your dates if necessary.

Final Balance Due

Upon completion of the hunt the remaining balance is due. We accept cash ,check, or charge. There is a 3.5% fee on card transactions. If a check failed to cash there is a 30 dollar processing fee and we will notify you in hope of collecting the balance.

Do we have to give to permission to use our likeness on social media?

Yes we will ask your permission to use your likeness on social media or our website. Some hunters will ask us not to and we will respect the wishes of each person accordingly.

I have food allergies, Should I inform anyone?
If you have food allergies please let us know so we can provide meals that will meet your needs
Can I leave a review?
Yes reviews and recommendations are welcome we want to hear from you. Bad or good it only helps us get better or continue to give great service.
Do price of animals remain the same from year to year?
Unfortunately not, we try to maintain a consistent price on our animals and offer our clients the best prices possible. However this is a fluctuating market and prices are subject to change with out notice. Our prices are on the website for a reason.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes we offer 10% off for military and first responders. (police, firefighter, and EMS)
What caliber rifle should I bring?
Match your rifle to the game you plan on harvesting. We have a minimum caliber of .243 on deer and other animals. The only exception to this rule will be on hogs and guns chambered in 223 or 5.56 will be allowed . Do not bring a 22-250 for a trophy Axis hunt.
Can I take head shots?
We do not advocate head shots. Our guides have seen all to many times where it fails . We will not be shooting another to that deer is recovered.
Put your shot behind the shoulder and you will not waste any shoulder meat.
Should I shoot my rifle before I arrive?

Yes please spend the time before your hunt to ensure the rifle is on target at 100 yds. We can shoot them before or during the hunt to ensure it is still on. In the event that there is a major issue we have a gun shop that we use and they can get it shooting straight, or you can use one of our rifles.

We want you to have an amazing hunt take the time to make sure the moment of truth is successful.

Can we have alcoholic beverages at camp?

Yes feel free to drink responsibly. We will not provide alcohol for you so bring the beverage of choice. The morning hunt comes early so drink in moderation. We will schedule our morning hunts but we will not wake you up of you indulge to much.

No Drinking During A Hunt

There will be no drinking during the hunt or while shooting.

Who do and what is the standard tip?

A standard tip is 10 to 15 percent. Your guide works hard for you the hunter and our cooks keep you fed and happy. While tips are not mandatory. They are appreciated. Think about it this way. If you go put to eat you will spend 30 minutes with your waiter and tip 10 percent. Your guide will spend 10 to 12 hours a day with you for several days.

Make sure to take care of them our cook is generally the first up and last to bed making sure all your needs are taken care of.

What gear do I need to bring?

Bring everything you would use on a normal hunt good boots /snake boots  or chaps. Please bring more than one pair of boots and clothes for warm weather, cold weather, and wet weather. Its Texas you never know.

Binoculars, coolers, shells knife license and any other thing you feel you will need. When you leave don’t forget to check twice our lost and found box grows every trip.

Can I bring my wife or kids?

Yes we love to host families. We host many family based hunts. Please help keep an eye on them as there are many inherent dangers from snakes animals and plants that can hurt them.