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Texas Exotic Hunts

Texas exotic hunts are one of the most popular forms of hunting in Texas. As the result of large Texas ranches purchasing excess animals from the local zoo’s in the 1950’s, Texas exotic hunting has exploded to its own industry.  With well over 100 species available from every continent in the world Texas has something to offer any hunter.

Many species can now only be hunted in Texas as the numbers far exceed there native range, some species are exclusive to the state of Texas. With the advent of high fence hunting and breeding numbers soar. At the same time many species have since gotten out an have established herds on low fence properties.

The Texas hill country is a special place that most animals acclimate well to. Whether hunting low or high fence there is no telling what you may see across your blind or stand. We offer both high fence an low fence hunting Texas exotic hunts year round. Yes year round.

Our Exotic Hunts

Out of state exotic hunting license for a 5 day hunt is only $48.00. Most species having horns year round it offers the hunter the ability to enjoy there passion throughout the entire season.

Nomad Hunts is located with 2 hours of San Antonio and airport pick up is available.when you book an exotic hunt with Nomad you will be paired with one of our professional Texas hunting guides who will be by your side the entire hunt. It is their job to ensure quality and success.

Our guides will assist you in several different hunting styles depending on ranch season and species. We offer safari style, feeder blind, spot and stalk and occasionally a night hunt as it is legal to shoot after dark off a light. Do not miss out on the hunting experience of a lifetime on a species that you have always wanted. If you do not see it on our price list have no worries. We can locate it for you. You just have to ask and one of us will be more than happy to help.

  • Exotic Hunts
  • $ 2300 starting at
    • Trophy Axis – $2750
    • Axis Doe – $400
    • Blackbuck – $2300
    • Blackbuck Doe – $300
    • Trophy Fallow – $4000
    • Sika – $2750
    • Mouflon – $2750
    • Aoudad (High Fence) – $2500
    • Aoudad (West TX Low Fence) – $4000
    • Oryx – $3500
    • Addax – $5500
    • Red Stag – $5500
    • Pierre David – $6500
    • Trophy Bison – $6000
    • Bison Meat Hunt – $3000
    • Afgan Urial – $175/in
    • Transcaspian Urial – $250/in
  • All animals are at the guides discretion.
  • All hunts are subject to a $175.00 per day for a hunters guide fee. Hunter acknowledges that on the hoof estimates are just that, estimates. All deposits are non-refundable and forfeit upon cancellation of a hunt. Rescheduled hunts will have their deposit rolled over to new date.
  • Hunter is responsible for purchasing and carrying all applicable licenses and certificates. Texas law always requires hunters to have a valid TX hunting license and hunter’s education or equivalent with them at all times in the field.
  • Wounded animals will be charged at full price regardless of recovery.
  • Liability waivers will be signed prior to any hunting or shooting activities.
  • 3.5% Transaction fee will be applied to all credit card transactions. Gratuities are not factored into pricing, but are very much appreciated. (Guides – Cooks – Hospitality – Animal Care Personal)
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