A Texas Whitetail Hunting Adventure

It has been a long journey over the past year, throughout building a new business, remodeling a hunters cabin, growing relationships with hunters and outfitters. All together striving to bring hunters an amazing Texas whitetail hunting experience. We are on the cusp of building something special here in Texas and we are excited to share that with everyone. Over the past few months we have been working hard guiding clients on both whitetail and exotic hunts.

After just finishing up on remodeling the hunters cabin, the first hunt of the year for us was the opening weekend. Nomad was going to be chasing trophy whitetails for a great client, the Bryan Mix. Earlier in the season Bryan had called us in search of a big non typical buck, for his 40 birthday, wanting to go big! This would be our second year hunting with Bryan and to say we have a blast is an understatement. Putting a group of close friends to join him on this Texas whitetail hunting adventure, this was going to be a special event. And as the days got closer, our heads were down and focused. Being attentive to the surroundings, tracking and formulating a game plan, all to locate the perfect buck for Bryan.

The Day of the Hunt

Opening day arrived and so did our Cajun hunters, with stuffed chickens and a handful of other Cajun delights to share. That night we got no sleep, filled with excitement knowing that the giant buck was patterned. Bryan was set to get an opportunity at his dream buck. Early the next morning after we quietly made our way to the blind. The sun was just breaking and we were immediately surrounded by deer.

After an hour we had glimpses of the trophy whitetails making their way towards us.  Still off in the distance, unsure if it was our target buck we held tight in anticipation.  As they got closer, we watched as our target buck was coming right in.   As Bryan waited patiently for the trophy whitetail to get in range, we started the camera to film this memorable experience.  Once in range and comfortable with the placement, Bryan was able to take a shot.  He knocked down a beautiful 160″ non-typical Texas trophy whitetail. After some high fives and congratulations, we headed out to see this great whitetail. All our faces were lit up with smiles and a few tears of enjoyment as this was truly a special hunt, Bryan got his trophy whitetail and we for sure had an experience that would last a lifetime.

“Once again, I would like to thank my buddy Joe Reed with Nomad Hunts for an epic birthday weekend. The food was good, the beer was cold, and the deer were big. Their hunters cabin is awesome and the hospitality of the crew is phenomenal. Like they say “You only turn 40 once”. GOODNIGHT IRENE!!!!!!”

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year, as they all are special to us. You can always check our Facebook page for live updates of all our hunts.


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